Mission and philosophy | Fikissimo
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Mission and philosophy


The use of building waste materials to create design objects and furniture in concrete of high handcraft value.


The products are inspired by contemporary design with refined taste, even if you use materials belonging to the building world.

Gradually since the candelabra, the range widens making small products such as pen holders, candles, ashtrays and large as, chairs, tables and hangers, maintaining taste and undoubtedly eccentric lines.

products design fikissimo

The Materials

The materials used are typical construction and the work carried out within the COSMO SERI company. Underlying everything is concrete, obviously matched with high iron grip and welded mesh, which is commonly used in construction. To these are added the wood materials of the type used for the scaffolding and more refined materials that act as complementary elements, such as hemp rope, leather and other.

material products

Manual capacity and artisan power

In the creations of the brand Fikissimo each job is done exclusively by hand. Each piece can savor the taste of craftsmanship and is the result of experience gained in over one hundred years of history, by skilled craftsmen and love their work.

Each object, with its diversity of creations, originality of the shapes, refined design, attention to detail, along with small imperfections, make each piece unique and emphasize forcefully, the craftsmanship of the product, made by expert hands and craftsmen in love with their work.

artisan made products fikissimo


The Fikissimo brand mission is also a bet, namely the creation of design objects, with the use of construction materials (as the main element and connotation) and the addition of other materials to complete, which can give a high degree pleasantness and aesthetic satisfaction.

Each object created, must unleash the typical craft energy and also make every small object a masterpiece.

mission fikissimo